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Outcome Based Learning

Deliver courses that are modeled on Outcome based Education where students need to achieve set goals; for example, a student can complete a course only after submitting an associated lab, assessment, or a project.


eLearning PowerHouse

Host your course content and conduct online classroom sessions on our advanced eLearning Engine powered by IBM Watson. Create learning paths, objectives to make the process more effective.


Engaging Live Virtual Classrooms

Establish compelling online Classrooms with gamification techniques which help to deliver engaging and efficient teaching. Execute Rubrics based eAssessments for a complete, competent training delivery.


Do More, Achieve More

Assign practice lab exercises, assessments, tasks, and projects through our learning engine. Track the progress of your students with detailed reports, send reminders and notifications to make the students complete their assignments, on time.


Bridge The Industry-Academia Gap

Train your students on latest, in-demand technological courses offered by our associated global tech corporates and colleges.  With job-ready students, the need for professionals in latest technologies can be addressed, thereby, minimizing the industry-academia gap.


Jobs & Internships

With our strong presence in the education & technology industry, boosted by our partnerships with global tech corporates, we connect your students with the best-in-industry job opportunities.


Alumni Connect

Let the alumni of your college give back their valuable experience and resources to the current students through Alumni Connect. This provides more opportunity for the current and former students to achieve their objectives in a collaborative approach from one place.


Online & Distance Learning Programs

Offer online & distance educational programs and degrees. Create, launch, conduct, and take enrollments for all your courses, programs, and degrees on your own exclusive marketplace.

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Success Stories

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>Pooja, K S School of Engineering & Management
Pooja, K S School of Engineering & Management

iTrack is a great all-in-one online learning platform for students like me who are looking for job opportunities and want to prepare for placements. This is a comprehensive learning platform which I recommend to everyone.

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akash K S School of Engineering Management partner itrack global learning solution T N T trans neuron technologies learning solution platform free course useful 24x7 labs
Asst. Prof K Venkata Ramana, RVRJC Engineering College

In a traditional environment, it would have taken us months and huge costs to scale up our lab infrastructure to keep pace with ever changing course curriculum. With iTrack’s eLabs, we have a fully functioning, scalable, virtual programming environment which is available 24x7.

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professor K Venkata Ramana R V R J C Engineering College partner itrack global T N T trans neuron technologies learning solution platform teach mentor student
Akash, K S School of Engineering & Management

The first time I used iTrack, I was thoroughly impressed and overwhelmed with its features. It had all the capabilities for effective learning, had the hooks to the environments which I needed to connect to, like labs and projects environments, and designed specifically to develop students’ skills and knowledge. Their support team was also incredibly helpful.