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A Comprehensive Learning Platform

With Powerful Add-Ons
For Easy & Engaging Learning Experience

Experience iTrack

Scalable and Secure
As your business grows, the needs grow too. And that’s why we built this platform to be scalable in terms of number of users and data, on-demand. Our highly secured servers mean all your data will be safe with us.
Watson Powered AI
iTrack is the first learning platform built with its features enhanced by IBM Watson’s AI which has made analytical tools like Resume Analyzer, Cognitive Counselling possible.
Multitenancy offers your business to have multiple instances which coexist in the same environment with full or restricted or customized permissions as required.
Easy User Interface
Sophisticated yet simple, easy-to-use interface makes this platform self-explanatory to create and manage your learning system. No necessity for product tutorials though they are available, on request.
Go Live in Minutes
iTrack, the learning platform, can be set up for your business in minutes, hassle-free. User data can be uploaded, in volumes, in a simple way.
Smart-device Compatible
iTrack can be accessed with all smart devices, like tablets and smart phones, which operate on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile operating systems.
Gamification features like points, badges, levels, leaderboards, and rewards to provide enhanced and engaging learning experience.
Customization & Integration
iTrack for your business can be white labelled, customized, and integrated with other existing platforms at your convenience, effortlessly.
Localization & Languages
Wherever your business is, iTrack can be set up to your respective local currency and time. It is also available in all languages.
Content Marketplace
With courses from the best Universities and global tech Companies, Colleges can offer free and paid courses to their students from iTrack’s content marketplace.
Supports Latest Formats
Course materials in all formats are supported. Compliant with SCORM, more recently, xAPI and other eContent sharing models.
CMS & Authoring
Efficient Content Management System to manage your course materials. And authoring tools like text editor for easy sharing.
eCommerce Marketplace
Would you like to launch online Distance Learning Programs for the global learners? Get your own marketplace to sell your courses and programs.
24x7 Help
Our round-the- clock support team will be glad to help whenever you need them – no holidays, no time zones.
Set up on-the-cloud, this learning platform is the only LMS, your organization will ever need, for all your training and development requirements.

Success Stories

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>Pooja, K S School of Engineering & Management
Pooja, K S School of Engineering & Management

iTrack is a great all-in-one online learning platform for students like me who are looking for job opportunities and want to prepare for placements. This is a comprehensive learning platform which I recommend to everyone.

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akash K S School of Engineering Management partner itrack global learning solution T N T trans neuron technologies learning solution platform free course useful 24x7 labs
Asst. Prof K Venkata Ramana, RVRJC Engineering College

In a traditional environment, it would have taken us months and huge costs to scale up our lab infrastructure to keep pace with ever changing course curriculum. With iTrack’s eLabs, we have a fully functioning, scalable, virtual programming environment which is available 24x7.

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professor K Venkata Ramana R V R J C Engineering College partner itrack global T N T trans neuron technologies learning solution platform teach mentor student
Akash, K S School of Engineering & Management

The first time I used iTrack, I was thoroughly impressed and overwhelmed with its features. It had all the capabilities for effective learning, had the hooks to the environments which I needed to connect to, like labs and projects environments, and designed specifically to develop students’ skills and knowledge. Their support team was also incredibly helpful.